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 modo機能紹介 uv座標に対応する三次元空間位置へメッシュを変形するには
MODO 10.1で搭載されたプロシージャルモデリング機能により、UV座標に対応する三次元空間へとメッシュを変形する方法をご紹介します。 その他の機能紹介・チップスについては、こちらのサイトをご覧ください:
io dev diary pt 8b uv and baking normal map modo
IO Dev Diary Pt 8b - UV and Baking Normal Map (modo)
Part 8b of the 'IO' Development Diary. This part concentrates on UV creation for the Robotic Arm and baking of Normal Map (multiple objects into single map)
IO Dev Diary Pt 8b - UV and B...
uv mapping part 4 uv peeler
UV Mapping-Part 4 / UV Peeler
In this video we will learn how to use the UV Peeler tool (introduced in version 16) to unwrap the UV's of cylindrical shapes. We will work on the same 3d model that was problemati ...
UV Mapping-Part 4 / UV Peeler
the foundry modo fast forward uv f4u kit free
The Foundry MODO - Fast Forward UV (F4U) kit Free
F4U kit are not the only for uving. selection improvements equal Modeling improvements. Your modeling speed maybe two times faster. and of course, Your Unwrap UV Ten Times Faster! ...
The Foundry MODO - Fast Forwa...
modo uv peeler unwrap mapping
Modo UV: Peeler Unwrap mapping
Using the UV Peeler Unwrap. This set of videos was made using modo version 401, and was sold through several sources. Since being discontinued, and it has been sitting on my hard ...
Modo UV: Peeler Unwrap mapping
modo uv workflow tips
Modo UV Workflow Tips
This video covers more uv methodology. Lots of repeated info from other videos but this shows how to deal with a specific case and also dealing with non-uniform texel density. Ma ...
Modo UV Workflow Tips
uving modo
UVing - MODO
MODO's industry-leading UV tools are tightly integrated with modeling and sculpting functions, offering a powerful workflow for creating and editing optimal UVs as you work. For mo ...
UVing - MODO
using multiple uv maps in octanerender for modo
Using Multiple UV Maps in OctaneRender for Modo
NOTE If using Modo901, you must have Modo - Preferences - Octane - Use Render Cache DISABLED in order to render multiple UV maps, due to a bug in Modo which has been reported to T ...
Using Multiple UV Maps in Oct...
uv peeler
UV Peeler
UV Peeler предназначен для быстрого создания UV-развёртки не замкнутой поверхности, состоящей из четырёхугольников.
UV Peeler
modo 10 series uv transform uv constraint push influence
MODO 10 Series: UV Transform, UV Constraint & Push Influence
Making a 2D shape accurately conform to a 3D mesh—for example, when attaching a decorative stripe to a shoe—is now a quick and easy process, thanks to a new UV Transform operation. ...
MODO 10 Series: UV Transform,...
cinema 4d r16 uv peeler
Cinema 4D R16 UV Peeler
Quickly unwrap the UVs of cylindrical objects with the new UV Peeler.
Cinema 4D R16 UV Peeler
transfer uvs in modo
Transfer UVs in modo
Using modo, I show how I solved the issue of losing symmetry on my model from ZBrush. The technique involved importing UVs from another mesh.
Transfer UVs in modo
cage uv splits smoothing material in modo 801
Cage, UV splits & smoothing material in Modo 801
An explanation on using modos cage function, uv splits with padding and the issue with modos material smoothing. Based on modos shading normal render output (object space normal) a ...
Cage, UV splits & smoothing m...
rgbhq tutorial texturing stairs in modo 901 with uv maps
RGBHQ Tutorial : Texturing Stairs in MODO 901 with UV maps
Find out how to quickly use the UV toolset within MODO 901 from The Foundry to add textures to stairs or any model that needs a repeating texture - handy! If you like this and wa ...
RGBHQ Tutorial : Texturing St...
введение в modo часть 27 uv mr peeler
Введение в MODO. Часть 27 : UV - mr. Peeler.
Продолжаем мучить пончик, стремясь познать все тонкости использования Peeler`a.
Введение в MODO. Часть 27 : U...
modo uv head
Modo UV: Head
This video is all about UVing an organic model, like this characters head.
Modo UV: Head
quick tip 14 uv unwrapping in modo
Quick Tip #14 : UV Unwrapping In MODO
Want to support me or say thank you? Throw a buck in the tip jar ( ). Or check out the other products on my Gumroad page ( ...
Quick Tip #14 : UV Unwrapping...
modo uv cup
Modo UV: Cup
UVing a cup in modo.
Modo UV: Cup
modo uv turtle part 1
Modo UV: Turtle part 1
Over the next three videos we go through UVing a Turtle character. This is part 1.
Modo UV: Turtle part 1
modo uv unwrap
modo UV Unwrap
modo UV Unwrap
modo UV Unwrap